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Think of Website Analytics is as the key to unlock your marketing fortress. By this, we mean that you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a high powered marketing initiative but unless you have granular insight into its performance and ROI projections allowing for future campaign performance, you are essentially flying blind in today's digital world. Analytics will unlock the hidden potential of your website and help explain those hills and valleys in your online marketing.

Remarkable Search utilizes any number of today's most advanced website analytics tools such as Omniture, NetInsights, and Google Analytics to report on campaign statistics and help uncover the nuances associated to the user's behavior on the website. This is most beneficial when working with a large e-commerce website or high value conversion portal website such as insurance where conversion rate improvements of a tenth of a percentage point could mean an improve of millions of dollars in converting users. Available services:

Remarkable Search Analysts can work with your IT and Marketing teams to setup and provide Analytics consulting services to suite your business needs.

Website Analytics is a hot commodity in today's economy. Time and time again, we find that companies are seeking more insight into what users are doing on their site and were the experience goes wrong for some.
- Dave Meirowitch,
President, Remarkable Search

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