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Search Marketing is the fastest growing and most accountable method of promoting products and services on the internet today. Utilizing intent-based marketing on today's most visited websites, search engines, and portals puts your listings in front of the ideal consumers. Search Marketing continues to deliver accurate and accountable tracking through the various tools provided by Remarkable Search.

Utilizing all of the available services is critical to maximize exposure online. Both Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization will allow for placement on popular search engine and portals while shopping feed inclusion enables coverage on valuable shopping websites. Website Analytics services must be utilized to tie the efforts together, analyze results, create strategies, and track ROI performance.

Recommended Services

Pay Per Click Advertising
Also referred to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC services provide a paid placement system for many intent-driven platforms include Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Search Engine Optimization
Organic search referrals provide a foundation for both brand recognition and direct keyword traffic for your website into the distant future.

Website Analytics
Driving traffic without solid insight into your conversion and ROI metrics seems shortsighted. Utilizing accurate and timely tracking of core KPIs is critical to campaign success.

Intent Driven Marketing

Granular Tracking and Accountability
The ability to track down to the user and keyword level is what makes Search Marketing so attractive to direct marketers today

2008 Search Marketing Industry Statistics
Both users and advertisers are flocking to search. Be an early adopter to get a step on your competition!

Shopping Feeds Management
Marketing your consumer goods and products on popular shopping engines enables important visibly on popular website properties with key conversion metric insights.

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